Monday, 9 July 2012

Good Neighbours

Well i had a package turn up a day early today so i wasn't around to sign for it, but luckily my neighbors where in to sign for my nag champa that arrived, its not that big or heavy but i'm guessing that it wouldn't fit through my letterbox without crushing the box a little and maybe my neighbor where outside when the postie came this morning.

i ordered quite a few things nag champa related i got soap and oil but not forgetting my nag champa incense which is the most important, as that's whats running the lowest. I always use the same place "Shiva" to get stuff like this as i always find the service 1st class

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


working are sending me to a conference just before my holiday which may sound really bad but it means saving me a trip of traveling down to LDN and having to pay for it.

With there been so many London hotels they haven't had any issues getting me accommodation which is good, its also a pretty casual conference so i don't even need to lug a suit around with me, just a shirt and smart jeans which i can wash and re use on holiday.

i have around 1 days to waste before my flight leaves the airport and the end of the conference but i can waste time around London and stay in the St Pancras hotel that i'm booked at.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Well i'm going on holiday for a week, ive spent ages looking at varying luxury holidays and its taken me a while to decide where to go but I've ended up opting for a maldives holidays i'm only going for a week as its not one of the cheapest places to go, as you probably know.

I've always wanted to do snorkeling and diving so i thought that there was no where better to do it.

I've bought a fancy snorkel and some half decent flippers to take with me, as there's nothing worse than getting there and finding something you don't like.

I'll be there from the end of next month, i cant wait

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Phones

I've been looking for a cheap new phone to replace my old Nokia that has finally given up, well when i say given up i mean I've cracked the screen. I've been reading a huawei ascend g300 review and i think this might be the phone for me. It's pretty cheap at around £100 it runs Android 2.3 but i'm guessing that its upgrade-able, its got a half decent camera a decent screen that is taken from a more expensive Motorola phone. Now i know that Huawei isn't a great make in phones but it seems to offer a lot of bang for the cost and if its only £100 then if i hate it and have to sell it, then its not like i'm signed up for a 24 month contract

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Well after a busy few weeks in taking this weekend off and going down to London for the weekend for a relaxing break, I've got myself a St Pancras hotel  booked its about 5 minutes away from the station, which is great as i don't want to have to be getting a cab or walking miles to get to my hotel.

Hopefully it will be a good chance to explore around London as its somewhere that i haven't spent a great deal of time before.

I'm getting the train down which should only take around 1 hr its a 2hr trip in the car. but i can't really be bothered to drive there and back. I have done it in the day before and its bit of a trek and makes for a really long day.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Games on phones

This month has been bit of a frantic one for downloading game apps to my phone first off all came angry birds space which was closely followed by the hot new game temple run, I've been playing temple run online for a few weeks now so have got pretty handy at it, but playing it on your phone is completely different as you can tilt your phone to swing the explorer left and right.

I can only run around 2000 meters at the moment but I'm improving all the time, there are a few bugs in the game which really annoy me. like sometimes it fails to pick up me swiping to make a turn and jumping some is a little hit and miss but over all i love temple run on my phone

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Garden Rooms

Next door have had loads of garden landscaping done over the past few Weeks and we weren't really sure why, but today the builders have turned up and started building one of those garden rooms. It looks like its going to be pretty big but it looks high quality and doesn't look like it will blend into the garden nicely, anyway I'll keep you updated as it gets built